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This semester in our Social Media Emerging Technology class we learned about many social media cites and how to use them to your advantage in terms of business. We covered everything from social networks to phone apps such as Instagram.


When i first came to this class i thought i knew everything about social media and figured i would not learn anything i didn’t know already. i was proven wrong about that thought very early in the semester. One network that we discussed in class that i had no prior knowledge about before was Pinterest . I loved Pinterest from the the moment we started talk talk about it as a class, I still use it today. My thoughts have definitely changed on how i feel about the course from the start of the semester.

The most important thing that i think i learned this semester was seeing how companies use social media to help grow and expand their business. This was very important for me to learn because I plan on running my own business when i graduate. Some of the methods and strategies that the companies used to promote their business were very smart and savy, i will most definitely use these later in life. 


Overall this was a very successful semester for me as a business student, because i had the opportunity to be apart of a class the specifically caters to social media. This is a great thing because social media is vastly becoming second nature and the biggest and fastest way to communicate  with the world. It has truly been an amazing semester 


This week in our social media class we spoke about ways to make your business successful and prosper through social media. Some of the tools we spoke about were social measuring tools and social media policy.

One of the tools that you could use as a social measuring tools are Youtube Stats. Youtube Stats is a tool that lets you see the exact user who watches your video, it also lets you see how many times you watch the video. This tool also allows you to see how popular/ active the user is who watches your video. If a very popular or active person on Youtube views your video and likes it that may share it.

Another website that  really thought would be good for someones business from a social media standpoint is Marketing Could. This website is different than Youtube Stats, it does give stats for your company, but it also tells you how to better it online. This website is very useful and has the potential to help your company flourish .



How should a Social Media Plan be used?

A social media plan should be used to promote ones company online. Social media plans should be used as much as possible, simply because people are always up and about on social media. There should be no down time for your social media plan; it should always be used in real time.



Extreme Promotional Materials



Extreme Promotional Material believes that the customer is always number one and expect nothing less than perfect customer service. At Extreme Promotional is one of the best promoters out there today because they have successfully learned how to use social as a way to reach people in the masses.



The Vision here EPM is to expand our business by using social media, because it is the easy and fastest way reach a great amount of people.


Goals Using Social Media

Expand the company

Make more money from the new customers that are gained

Build a personal relationship with the customers


Target Audience

Here at EPM our target market is both men and women between the ages of 19 and 60.


Social Media Tools

The three major social media tools that we would us are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These three sites are the leaders for social media right now and it would only make sense to ride the bandwagon. The best thing about all three of these social networks is that it is not only young people who use them. With these sites we can reach many people in different age groups.



 The social media plan that I have created will be great, because the company tackled major social networks. The company name will expand by a tremendous amount because millions of people are on these sites at any given time.


Digital Footprints

This week in our social media class we studied how people can go about erasing their footprints off of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We learned that cleaning up your social media accounts could be the difference between getting hired for a job or not. If you have pictures online that will make people question your character or have any doubts that you are respectable person it is best that you should have them removed when looking for a job. There are many ways to go about having pictures and posts removed, which I will explain later in this blog.


The first thing I would do is clean up my social media accounts by going through all my pictures and statues on the sites that I use the most, which would be Facebook and Twitter. The new Facebook allows you to check your timeline from the day you created your account to the current day. This feature would allow me to clear all the unwanted posts, pictures and other junk that doesn’t complement me. As for Twitter I would do the exact same thing by getting rid of all the things that do not represent me well.


Another way you can go about having a clean and business friendly social media account is having an account for people that you work with and do business and another account for your personal things outside of work. If you feel like removing all of your unprofessional and embarrassing pictures offline is too much of drastic and unnecessary move than this would be the best solution for you. The one risk with this is that if your account is not completely private, you can still be found when your name is searched.


The last way to have a clean digital footprint is thinking and analyzing the certain ways they could be viewed by others before you post them. If you follow all of the steps that listed you will not have any issue getting a job in regards to any of your social media accounts. Social media will continue to be a leading force in business world, you must figure out a way to let it be to your advantage rather than disadvantage.

Social Media

In this day and age news was many more elements to it such as social media. In this week of our SMET social media class our topic was to look up three websites by the name of Tech Crunch, Social Media Explorer, and Mashable. These websites focus on new technologies and how they affect business.



My first article that I chose to do came from Mashable. The name of the article is “Technology Creating a Generation of Distracted Students” by Neha Prakash. The article explains how all kids no matter what age or what subject they are studying are affected by their cellphones ipods etc. they article also had a study that has done by Pew Research Centre saying that digital technology is causing students to have shorter attention spans and less work ethic.


There is a simple solution to all of this, which some companies have already figured out, because the youth in this generation love to be on technology companies such as Google and Apple have created phone and Tablet apps available for the students and teachers to have full class lessons on them. Companies will make money from this because schools will invest in buying tablets and buying the apps to helps their students be more successful.

Article link:


The second website I went to was Social Media Explorer, and there I found an article “Becoming a Social Business isn’t Just for Social Media”, by Ilana Rabinowitz this article is about how business should be using social media to get there company/ brand out there to the world. Business that use social media are way more successful than companies that do not use it. The point of this article was that all companies that what to do well should hop on the social media bandwagon.


Article link:


The last website I looked up was Techcrunch. The article I chose was ‘New Jersey Allows Voting by Mail and Fax for Hurricane victims” by Gregoty Ferenstein. This article is about how technology has allowed people to vote and communicate and be apart of the political vote.


Social media has a huge impact in almost everything we do in this generation in terms of communication. Many companies have realized and used it to their advantage. More and More social media will be main the way of communicating with people.

Instatrest !

It is safe to say that social media is the best and fastest way to communicate with millions of people at once. In these fast seven weeks that I have been in my social media class I’ve learned a great amount about the power of social media.  For this weeks assignment I will discuss how the impact that Instagram and Pinterest have on the social media world and how it could help your business.


Instagram is a fairly new form of social media it was launched in October of 2010. It has already started to grow at a very rapid pace. In December 2010 Instagram had 1 million users and this past June they has over 30 million registered accounts. If I were to own my business I would definitely use Instagram as a way to advertise. The way I would go about advertising is y uploading pictures of people using my product in many different and unique ways. I would also add picture effect making my product look way better than it actually is.


The second social media network I would use to advertise my business is Pinterest. Pinterest is a very interactive website that allows you to post pictures on a site and have them viewed by millions of people. This would be great for my business because it is exactly like Instagram but on a larger scale and accessible online. Pinterest also has feature that allows you to repost pictures that you like. So if my advertisement catches the eye of my target market they will repost my image and spread my advertisement.


In conclusion, I truly believe that the two forms on social media I chose to use as advertisement because the are very new on the social media scene and many people are starting to make accounts for the respective sites.


This week in my social media class the topic of discussion was video blogging also known as “vlogging”. In todays technological era there is more to advertising than just radio and newspaper adds, with all the new devices and technologies advertising is coming at us in many new and unique ways. This brings me to this weeks assignment, I will inform you on how I would create a video for the company Pet Pawsitive

Pet Pawsitive is a very small company that only has two locations, which are located in two small cities, because of this in my video I would should some behind the scenes of the customer, pet, and pet owner relationship. My video would show that because it is a small company the customers are treated like people rather than just a number


To film this video I would use an amateur video camera to capture the sincerity and small town feel of the video. I truly believe that this commercial will be very successful because of its purity and willingness to help pets and their owners.  This video will not only appeal to pet owners, but also people who enjoying doing things to help the world and its citizens.