Social Media

In this day and age news was many more elements to it such as social media. In this week of our SMET social media class our topic was to look up three websites by the name of Tech Crunch, Social Media Explorer, and Mashable. These websites focus on new technologies and how they affect business.



My first article that I chose to do came from Mashable. The name of the article is “Technology Creating a Generation of Distracted Students” by Neha Prakash. The article explains how all kids no matter what age or what subject they are studying are affected by their cellphones ipods etc. they article also had a study that has done by Pew Research Centre saying that digital technology is causing students to have shorter attention spans and less work ethic.


There is a simple solution to all of this, which some companies have already figured out, because the youth in this generation love to be on technology companies such as Google and Apple have created phone and Tablet apps available for the students and teachers to have full class lessons on them. Companies will make money from this because schools will invest in buying tablets and buying the apps to helps their students be more successful.

Article link:


The second website I went to was Social Media Explorer, and there I found an article “Becoming a Social Business isn’t Just for Social Media”, by Ilana Rabinowitz this article is about how business should be using social media to get there company/ brand out there to the world. Business that use social media are way more successful than companies that do not use it. The point of this article was that all companies that what to do well should hop on the social media bandwagon.


Article link:


The last website I looked up was Techcrunch. The article I chose was ‘New Jersey Allows Voting by Mail and Fax for Hurricane victims” by Gregoty Ferenstein. This article is about how technology has allowed people to vote and communicate and be apart of the political vote.


Social media has a huge impact in almost everything we do in this generation in terms of communication. Many companies have realized and used it to their advantage. More and More social media will be main the way of communicating with people.


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