The company that i choose to document on Facebook this week is a shoe company called “NiceKicks”. Nicekicks is a very well respected company in the sneaker industry. This company has been around for many years and has always been successful, to try and gain more success and interaction with their fans they created a Facebook page in December of 2010

The Nicekicks page on Facebook is very useful tool for fans on sneakers and fans of the company. It is very informative for their customers, because it tells them what shoes are coming out, and also where and when you can get them. I personally use this blog to find out information about sneakers I am interested in. The page also includes giveaways for thier most  loyal customers. The way that they interact with the customers is very friendly and it almost feels like they are one big family.

The Nicekicks Facebook page is used very well by the company and its a great way to make their customers feel like they are cared about and that it is not just the money. If Nicekicks continues to use this Facebook page they will continue to grow as one of the top shoe companies.


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