This week in my social media class the topic of discussion was video blogging also known as “vlogging”. In todays technological era there is more to advertising than just radio and newspaper adds, with all the new devices and technologies advertising is coming at us in many new and unique ways. This brings me to this weeks assignment, I will inform you on how I would create a video for the company Pet Pawsitive

Pet Pawsitive is a very small company that only has two locations, which are located in two small cities, because of this in my video I would should some behind the scenes of the customer, pet, and pet owner relationship. My video would show that because it is a small company the customers are treated like people rather than just a number


To film this video I would use an amateur video camera to capture the sincerity and small town feel of the video. I truly believe that this commercial will be very successful because of its purity and willingness to help pets and their owners.  This video will not only appeal to pet owners, but also people who enjoying doing things to help the world and its citizens.


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