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This semester in our Social Media Emerging Technology class we learned about many social media cites and how to use them to your advantage in terms of business. We covered everything from social networks to phone apps such as Instagram.


When i first came to this class i thought i knew everything about social media and figured i would not learn anything i didn’t know already. i was proven wrong about that thought very early in the semester. One network that we discussed in class that i had no prior knowledge about before was Pinterest . I loved Pinterest from the the moment we started talk talk about it as a class, I still use it today. My thoughts have definitely changed on how i feel about the course from the start of the semester.

The most important thing that i think i learned this semester was seeing how companies use social media to help grow and expand their business. This was very important for me to learn because I plan on running my own business when i graduate. Some of the methods and strategies that the companies used to promote their business were very smart and savy, i will most definitely use these later in life. 


Overall this was a very successful semester for me as a business student, because i had the opportunity to be apart of a class the specifically caters to social media. This is a great thing because social media is vastly becoming second nature and the biggest and fastest way to communicate  with the world. It has truly been an amazing semester 


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