The company that i choose to document on Facebook this week is a shoe company called “NiceKicks”. Nicekicks is a very well respected company in the sneaker industry. This company has been around for many years and has always been successful, to try and gain more success and interaction with their fans they created a Facebook page in December of 2010

The Nicekicks page on Facebook is very useful tool for fans on sneakers and fans of the company. It is very informative for their customers, because it tells them what shoes are coming out, and also where and when you can get them. I personally use this blog to find out information about sneakers I am interested in. The page also includes giveaways for thier most  loyal customers. The way that they interact with the customers is very friendly and it almost feels like they are one big family.

The Nicekicks Facebook page is used very well by the company and its a great way to make their customers feel like they are cared about and that it is not just the money. If Nicekicks continues to use this Facebook page they will continue to grow as one of the top shoe companies.



The business I choose to follow on twitter is Sneakernews. They are an online athletic shoe company who takes pride in having the newest and most exclusive shoes on the market. They are a highly respected company in their industry, and have been around for 10 years and have been using twitter since the second year it existed.



Sneakernews uses their twitter account quite frequently; they have on average about 25 tweets per day. The information that they provide on their twitter is the exact same information that they have on their website, but in short form. I think that Sneakernews is using their twitter account very well because it gives people like me who are not on the computers very often the chance to keep up on the newest and latest sneakers on the market. Another reason why I believe that Sneakernews is using their account very well is because they also use the account to interact with customers, and people who just love rare and exclusive shoes. They have a couple contests every month in which the winners receive free shoes for participating in.



Sneakernews is one of the best at what they do and there was no let off with their twitter account. It is a great way for fans and costumers of their work to communicate with them and feel like they are apart of what they do. It also keeps them connected with their younger costumers who are frequent social media users. Overall they are a great company with a great twitter account, and because of these reasons the company will continue to grow.

Starbucks Blog

The company I chose to write about is Starbucks, they are one of the largest coffee shops in America.  Starbucks is like Tim Hortons for Americans. They have a very large market of customers, because of that they use their company blog as a place where their customers can write suggestions and ideas that they feel will help the company.

Starbucks also uses their blog to let customers know what new products they have and when they will be released. Another use for Starbucks’ blog is that they conduct surveys on there to see if customers would be interested in some of their new product ideas. One feature that I was absolutely amazed with is that they give their customers the chance to buy gift cards and store merchandise directly from the blog.  This blog is updated frequently with by the company and by the customers. There are many strategies Starbucks uses to get their customers to keep using the blog, such as chances to win prizes and free gift cards from them.


In conclusion, I think they way Starbucks uses their blog is very smart; it keeps the customer connected with the store. Also because of this blog they have a chance to get feedback from the customer, which has saved and earned them millions. With this blog Starbucks really hit the nail in the coffin, and they will continue to be successful as long as they have this blog up and running.

Social media

When I first joined this class I was excited because social media is something that I am very involved and interested in. I have always been intrigued by social media and have spent countless hours on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.

Social media has a huge impact on the business world which helps companies advertise their product on a larger scale rather than on a side of a bus or any other way of advertisement . There are many useful tools on social media cites that help businesses become more interactive with their market, which in turn helps their products sell.

When I complete this course I hope to have learned how businesses collaborates with social media and becomes more successful. I hope to learn way more then I have written today so the next time I am asked this question I will know so much more.

About me

My name is Jordan Marlowe and I am nineteen-year-old business student at Loyalist College.  This is my first year at this school and I’m enjoying it very much.  I am living in residence with a few of the basketball guys, which have become very good friends to me.  I got recruited to play basketball on the Loyalist team and have been working very hard to become a better player.  We are hoping to make it very far into the season ending with a huge win.



I like to do a lot of different things from playing my favorite sport, which is basketball to eating my favorite food, which is barbeque chicken.  Some of the things that I am most proud of during my high school year was getting the position of Captain for all four years and receiving MVP for basketball.  I am excited for this year and think that it will help me mature as a student and person and learn more about the career I would like to continue in.