Instatrest !

It is safe to say that social media is the best and fastest way to communicate with millions of people at once. In these fast seven weeks that I have been in my social media class I’ve learned a great amount about the power of social media.  For this weeks assignment I will discuss how the impact that Instagram and Pinterest have on the social media world and how it could help your business.


Instagram is a fairly new form of social media it was launched in October of 2010. It has already started to grow at a very rapid pace. In December 2010 Instagram had 1 million users and this past June they has over 30 million registered accounts. If I were to own my business I would definitely use Instagram as a way to advertise. The way I would go about advertising is y uploading pictures of people using my product in many different and unique ways. I would also add picture effect making my product look way better than it actually is.


The second social media network I would use to advertise my business is Pinterest. Pinterest is a very interactive website that allows you to post pictures on a site and have them viewed by millions of people. This would be great for my business because it is exactly like Instagram but on a larger scale and accessible online. Pinterest also has feature that allows you to repost pictures that you like. So if my advertisement catches the eye of my target market they will repost my image and spread my advertisement.


In conclusion, I truly believe that the two forms on social media I chose to use as advertisement because the are very new on the social media scene and many people are starting to make accounts for the respective sites.


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