Starbucks Blog

The company I chose to write about is Starbucks, they are one of the largest coffee shops in America.  Starbucks is like Tim Hortons for Americans. They have a very large market of customers, because of that they use their company blog as a place where their customers can write suggestions and ideas that they feel will help the company.

Starbucks also uses their blog to let customers know what new products they have and when they will be released. Another use for Starbucks’ blog is that they conduct surveys on there to see if customers would be interested in some of their new product ideas. One feature that I was absolutely amazed with is that they give their customers the chance to buy gift cards and store merchandise directly from the blog.  This blog is updated frequently with by the company and by the customers. There are many strategies Starbucks uses to get their customers to keep using the blog, such as chances to win prizes and free gift cards from them.


In conclusion, I think they way Starbucks uses their blog is very smart; it keeps the customer connected with the store. Also because of this blog they have a chance to get feedback from the customer, which has saved and earned them millions. With this blog Starbucks really hit the nail in the coffin, and they will continue to be successful as long as they have this blog up and running.


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