How should a Social Media Plan be used?

A social media plan should be used to promote ones company online. Social media plans should be used as much as possible, simply because people are always up and about on social media. There should be no down time for your social media plan; it should always be used in real time.



Extreme Promotional Materials



Extreme Promotional Material believes that the customer is always number one and expect nothing less than perfect customer service. At Extreme Promotional is one of the best promoters out there today because they have successfully learned how to use social as a way to reach people in the masses.



The Vision here EPM is to expand our business by using social media, because it is the easy and fastest way reach a great amount of people.


Goals Using Social Media

Expand the company

Make more money from the new customers that are gained

Build a personal relationship with the customers


Target Audience

Here at EPM our target market is both men and women between the ages of 19 and 60.


Social Media Tools

The three major social media tools that we would us are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These three sites are the leaders for social media right now and it would only make sense to ride the bandwagon. The best thing about all three of these social networks is that it is not only young people who use them. With these sites we can reach many people in different age groups.



 The social media plan that I have created will be great, because the company tackled major social networks. The company name will expand by a tremendous amount because millions of people are on these sites at any given time.



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