Digital Footprints

This week in our social media class we studied how people can go about erasing their footprints off of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We learned that cleaning up your social media accounts could be the difference between getting hired for a job or not. If you have pictures online that will make people question your character or have any doubts that you are respectable person it is best that you should have them removed when looking for a job. There are many ways to go about having pictures and posts removed, which I will explain later in this blog.


The first thing I would do is clean up my social media accounts by going through all my pictures and statues on the sites that I use the most, which would be Facebook and Twitter. The new Facebook allows you to check your timeline from the day you created your account to the current day. This feature would allow me to clear all the unwanted posts, pictures and other junk that doesn’t complement me. As for Twitter I would do the exact same thing by getting rid of all the things that do not represent me well.


Another way you can go about having a clean and business friendly social media account is having an account for people that you work with and do business and another account for your personal things outside of work. If you feel like removing all of your unprofessional and embarrassing pictures offline is too much of drastic and unnecessary move than this would be the best solution for you. The one risk with this is that if your account is not completely private, you can still be found when your name is searched.


The last way to have a clean digital footprint is thinking and analyzing the certain ways they could be viewed by others before you post them. If you follow all of the steps that listed you will not have any issue getting a job in regards to any of your social media accounts. Social media will continue to be a leading force in business world, you must figure out a way to let it be to your advantage rather than disadvantage.


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