The business I choose to follow on twitter is Sneakernews. They are an online athletic shoe company who takes pride in having the newest and most exclusive shoes on the market. They are a highly respected company in their industry, and have been around for 10 years and have been using twitter since the second year it existed.



Sneakernews uses their twitter account quite frequently; they have on average about 25 tweets per day. The information that they provide on their twitter is the exact same information that they have on their website, but in short form. I think that Sneakernews is using their twitter account very well because it gives people like me who are not on the computers very often the chance to keep up on the newest and latest sneakers on the market. Another reason why I believe that Sneakernews is using their account very well is because they also use the account to interact with customers, and people who just love rare and exclusive shoes. They have a couple contests every month in which the winners receive free shoes for participating in.



Sneakernews is one of the best at what they do and there was no let off with their twitter account. It is a great way for fans and costumers of their work to communicate with them and feel like they are apart of what they do. It also keeps them connected with their younger costumers who are frequent social media users. Overall they are a great company with a great twitter account, and because of these reasons the company will continue to grow.


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