Social media

When I first joined this class I was excited because social media is something that I am very involved and interested in. I have always been intrigued by social media and have spent countless hours on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.

Social media has a huge impact on the business world which helps companies advertise their product on a larger scale rather than on a side of a bus or any other way of advertisement . There are many useful tools on social media cites that help businesses become more interactive with their market, which in turn helps their products sell.

When I complete this course I hope to have learned how businesses collaborates with social media and becomes more successful. I hope to learn way more then I have written today so the next time I am asked this question I will know so much more.

About me

My name is Jordan Marlowe and I am nineteen-year-old business student at Loyalist College.  This is my first year at this school and I’m enjoying it very much.  I am living in residence with a few of the basketball guys, which have become very good friends to me.  I got recruited to play basketball on the Loyalist team and have been working very hard to become a better player.  We are hoping to make it very far into the season ending with a huge win.



I like to do a lot of different things from playing my favorite sport, which is basketball to eating my favorite food, which is barbeque chicken.  Some of the things that I am most proud of during my high school year was getting the position of Captain for all four years and receiving MVP for basketball.  I am excited for this year and think that it will help me mature as a student and person and learn more about the career I would like to continue in.



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